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Why Choose Hardwood?

Whether installing all new wood flooring, or refinishing what is there, perhaps hiding beneath old carpet, wood floors are a great idea. They add a sense of timeless elegance while accentuating the rest of your home.

It is simple to keep your home looking fabulous! Wood floors are easy to maintain without showing their age the way carpet can.

People want to buy homes with wood floors. Not only does wood add natural beauty to your home, it actually improves the value and appeal of your home.

Are you concerned with healthy air quality? Hard surface flooring such as hardwood floors does not trap dust mites or molds, which is especially important for the reported 35 million Americans who suffer from allergies. The hard surface of wood floors also helps prevent pesticides that can accumulate on some floor coverings. An EPA study recently reported that pesticides used in gardens and homes accumulate on floors and other surfaces in the home, but wood floors help to reduce the accumulation of such toxins. Yet another concern is the off-gassing of toxins that results from some synthetic materials, which can make people in the home chronically ill.

Wood floors come from a natural resource that is sustainable and is more ecologically sound than other types of flooring. Today most timber is cut from forests that are managed to ensure continued resources in the future. According to U.S. Forest Service statistics, almost twice as much hardwood timber is added every year through new growth. There is actually more standing hardwood timber today than there was 50 years ago.

Choosing hardwood flooring gives you so many options! With today's technologically advanced manufacturing, stains and finishes, hardwood floors come in many sizes, styles, colors, finishes and species. These many choices can compliment any home or office with style and a beautiful product that last a lifetime

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